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You only have to type a name like Thomas Cree into Google and you are overloaded with information about numerous Thomas Crees. It's very easy to be distracted from collecting information about one of them and to go off on a treasure hunt for information about all the others. This story started while I was helping Trevor Cree to locate Thomas Cree, a prison warder at Dartmoor Prison, but that one has been finished for now.

The trail led me to Thomas Cree an "Australian rower" according to the Australian Dictory of Biography.

Thomas Scott Cree was born in 1914 into the Glasgow merchant Cree line. However his father was killed in action just three years later and Tom's mother took him to Australia where she remarried. I guess the making of Tom Cree was going to the prestigious Geelong Grammar School where he would have started his rowing career. He then went to Cambridge. He won the coxless pairs at Henley and rowed twice in the Boat Race (1 won 1 lost). He was chosen to represent Great Britian in the Berlin Olympic Games. On the day before war broke out he enlisted in the Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve. He served on HMAS Stuart in the Mediterranean and won a DSC for "Courage, enterprise and devotion to duty" which he was awarded by the Australian Governor-General in Melbourne in 1943.

I have entered all the details I found into the Cree Genealogy Database and they can be found at .

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