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To Trevor

more corrections sorry

Henry Cree born 1864 son of Jane Cree and Michael Cassidy.  not the spouse of Hannah Jane McQuoid

Henry Greer Clelland Cree Born 24 Jan 1921 son of Walter Osborne Cree and Margaret Jane Shaw Johnson Smeaton.

Henry Cree Born 28 Dec 1869 Son of Hugh Cree and Elizabeth Majorie/Majury AKA Eliza.

The above Henry born 1869 is married to Hannah Jane McQuoid not the one born 1864  to Michael Cassidy and Jane Cree.  Jane went on to marry John Wallace 20 Jun 1873 and have other children.

All the children seem to be correct but given the wrong parent Hugh born 1864.

I also have the marriage record for Hannah Jane McQuoid and Henry Cree.  On the record it shows the father as Robert McQuoid

John McQuoid and Elizabeth Todd WRONG PARENTS of Hannah

Hannah McQuoid


Robert McQuoid and Sarah Sorella Cleland

as you can see her maiden name has been used for one of the children.

hope this is not too hard to follow please feel free to contact me


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Comment by Trevor Cree on June 21, 2016 at 14:35


Many thanks for your posting. I would hope to look into the points that you have made as soon as possible,


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