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I am absolutely amazed by the research, hard work and dedication that has created the Cree One Name Study. Incredible!
I am returning to Bangor on Sunday to see my Mum (Margaret Cree b.1933)for a wee glass of Bushmills and a chat about the old days.

So, if anyone would like me to check anything out while I'm there - let me know soonest.

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Comment by Mike Spathaky on May 20, 2016 at 16:45

Robert,I see now you are descended from Hugh Cree of Bangor and will update the database. Living people are not shown on-line so when you send me any details please make it clear who is still alive!
Do you know Adam Trevor Cree of Bangor and Julie Cree? They must be related to you.
You should look up them up under Members on this Network and "friend" them so you can send messages. Make sure the Members page is displaying alphabetically but by first names. I met with Adam Trevor a couple of years ago - we had coffee in that wee coffee shop on the corner of the main street and the sea front.
Best Wishes, Mike

Comment by Robert Ian Anderson on May 20, 2016 at 14:10
Hi Mike,
Yes that is my mother of King St (previously West St, and before that Souters Row).
Rueben and Sarah are my grandparents.

Rueben is a bit of a mystery. His mother is Elizabeth(Lizzie)Cree, her father being Hugh of West/King St. It looks like she married an O'Neill and had three children. Yet Rueben is Cree not O'Neill.

So I'll be asking mother what she knows and about Reuben's siblings.

We have strong ties to Banbridge but I don't think my mother lived there other than for holidays, I will ask your question - one never knows.

Kind Regards
Comment by Mike Spathaky on May 20, 2016 at 13:03

Hi Robert,
Good to see you on the Cree FH Network! I assume your mother is Margaret Sneddon Cree and that her mother's maiden name is Hawthorne (from the Irish births list at It would be good to know the Cree connection further back and whether it links to our known genealogies. There's a Reuben Cree who married a Sarah Hawthorne in Banbridge in 1925. Would they be your grandparents? There's a Reuben Cree in our Bangor line at who might be the link we're looking for.

Please ask your mother for details of her Cree ancestors - as much as she knows - and write it down. Then we will try and find any links. That 1925 marriage was in Scarva Street, Banbridge. I wonder if your mother lived in Banbridge and knew Joseph Buchanan who had a grocers' shop there. He was the grandfather of my wife Marian (née Mitchell). Marian's mother was Elizabeth Buchanan who married Sammy Mitchell.

Best Wishes,  Mike Spathaky

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