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Cree Marriage from County Monaghan, Ireland

Dear Friends

eToday while indexing marriages for Ballinode Church of Ireland in Tedavnet parish, Co. Monaghan I found a marriage entry dated 27 October 1857 for a James Cree, Drumreaske, Tydavnet parish, Co. Monaghan. He was the son of a Robert Cree who was a mason by trade. He married a Hester Lowry of Killylough, Tedavnet parish, Co. Monaghan. She was the daughter of a Robert Lowry, farmer. The witnesses were Thomas Lowry and John Hanna. The marriage was celebrated with Rev. Gardiner Richardson Young, rector of Errigal Truagh parish.

The surname Cree is very rare and it is the only entry found in any Co. Monaghan parish.

 I thought someone out there might be interested in this entry.


Theo McMahon

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Comment by Trevor Cree on April 21, 2015 at 17:31

The copy of the marriage registration certificate that I have in my possession confirms that the occupation of James Cree was 'servant' and that of his father Robert Cree was 'mason'. I will send all of my transcribed birth and marriage information on to Mike.

Comment by Mike Spathaky on April 18, 2015 at 10:49

Hi Theo, Trevor and all in terested in Co Down Cree lines,

For some time I have been curious about these entries in the Lists Sections of because Omagh is some distance from the main Cree area of Co. Down.

Cree births:
10 Jun 1889    Arthur Henry        Cree    Omagh    Anderson    /
4 Jun 1894    Isabella Frances    Cree    Omagh    Anderson    /
(Anderson is mother's name.)

Cree Marriages:
1889    Margaret    Cree    Henry Lauder     Stuart    29 Jul 1889    St Columba Church of Ireland    Drumragh    Omagh    Tyrone    /

Cree Deaths
1887    Cree    James    02 Jun 1887    Omagh     [age]60   /

However with your news about the Co.Monaghan marriage of James Cree I thought there might be a connection as Omagh (in Co. Tyrone) is not far from Monaghan. (I used to live in NI and my wife Marian is from there so I know the geography quite well.)


James Cree above is son of Robert Cree of Portavo.

He married Hester Lowry in Co Monaghan in 1857

They moved to Balrothery Co Dublin where they had 3 children
Eleanor 1864
John 1866
Caroline 1869

They probably had other children before this and possibly after.

A daughter Margaret born say, c 1862 married Henry Lauder Stuart in 1889 in Omagh.

Either John Cree born Balrothery or another son married (somewhere) and had 2 children in Omagh:
Arthur H 1889
Isabella Frances 1894

I looked for Henry Lauder Stuart with wife Margaret (Cree) Stuart in Censuses and eventually found them in Dublin in 1901 Census with 4 chn., and also in 1911, 21 years married, with 5 chn. of whom 4 alive - eldest two born Co.Tyrone! This is undoubtedly the same family.

The mother Margaret Stuart was born in Co. Monaghan aged 51 in 1911 so born 1859 or 1860!!! This is the above Omagh marriage. Bingo! She must be a daughter of James and Hester Cree born before they moved to Balrothery.


Looking for a male Cree (John?) to female Anderson marriage - none found in Ireland. SCT: No. ENG: No.
This family seems to have disappeared completely. Suspect migration to US, Canada or Australia.

I am sure the death above of James Cree is your James husband of Hester Lowry and born Portavo son of Robert Cree, stonemason. I now believe this family is of the Ballyrogan branch of County Down Crees back to 1700s. See and follow the line back by clicking on the father's name at each generation.

I am away from home over the weekend but will continue the research in a few days.
Best Wishes

Comment by Trevor Cree on April 17, 2015 at 23:39


Many thanks for contacting us and providing the information on the marriage of James Cree and Hessy Lowry. As Mike has pointed out we did have some registration data and I actually have a copy of the actual marriage registration which clearly mirrors your own church record. As Mike says the mason link indicates a connection with Robert Cree in Portavo.

It may be of interest for you to know that we have a very interesting connection with the McMahon family of Dublin in the 1700s with respect to the life of John Cree/McMahon. Mike has written a very comprehensive biography of his life with the connection with the McMahon's of Aungier Street, Dublin, and possibly County Clare.

Our research into this McMahon/Cree connection is ongoing and I am sure that there will be new twists and turns in this story yet to be discovered.

Comment by Mike Spathaky on April 16, 2015 at 17:53

Hi Theo - and welcome to the Cree Family History Network!

We're always interested in information about Cree individuals and we think there's usually a good chance we can link them up with known Cree lines.

I think the reference to James Cree being a son of Robert Cree, a mason, makes it fairly certain that James was from Portavo, Co Down. This is a townland in Bangor parish although it is nearer to Donaghadee than to Bangor and is right next to Ballywilliam parish where there were also Cree families.

I have previously noted that Robert Cree had a son James although I don't have a note of the source of this information. This will be the James who married Hester Lowry. See

We know that they baptised three children in Malahide (Balrothery Reg. Dist), County Dublin. You'll find them in the Ireland Births list at They were: Eleanor 1864, John 1866, Caroline 1869. [Source: Family Search]

Since James and Hester were married in 1857 I would guess there would be more children born elsewhere between 1858 and 1863. Unfortunately civil registration didn't start until 1864. There's a Robert Cree born Dublin 1860 or 1861 in the 1881 Census for Aldershot, England.

Does the marriage record you found give James Cree's occupation?

Trevor Cree seems to have had information about James and Hester's marriage as he refers to it in an email to Don Crispien that he copied to me (16 July 20008). I don't think he has any more information than you do about it though. I'm sure he will say if he does.

I've now added the new information to the Cree On-line Genealogy Database at

Best Wishes,Mike Spathaky
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