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On the 21 March 2012 I came across a reference source that seems to connect a Chree family in Glenbucket, Aberdeenshire, with a migration of a Crie family from Angus to that area in the 18th century ( The verifiable reference source for that statement has yet to be located and so I have contacted the Glenbucket Heritage website to try to find out more information. It would appear that many Chree individuals had distinguished careers in the academic spheres.

(Originally posted by Trevor Cree)

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(Originally posted by Trevor Cree on March 23, 2012 at 21:17)

I have now undertaken some more research into the Cree family of Glenbucket. Sources in the IGI index and the Scotlands People website make it clear that the Chruie/Chree family were present in Strathdon in the mid-1600s. Strathdon is extremely close to Glenbucket and therefore the connection to a Crie family migrating from Angus in the 1700s does not now appear to be likely. Nevertheless it will require a closer inspection of the individual letters of the name in the original parish registers to eliminate any connection with the Crie family.

Originally posted by Peter Martin on June 26, 2012 at 11:40


I intend to visit a place called "Auchernach" which is in the area of Strathdon sometime within the next few months...Glenbucket is not too far away and if there is any research that is required please let me know.     

I do know through unrelated research that it was quite common for people from Angus to move to the areas of Deeside and Cromar(the area where Glenbucket is situated) and vice versa. Even in the 1700's there was in existence many drovers routes/whisky smugglers paths that linked the area. There is still is a well known route that links the Angus Glens to Deeside and from there further north to Strathdon.

The perception is that the the present line of what is known as Royal Deeside from Braemar to Aboyne (a line followed by the modern A93 road) is where the people in the 1700's resided. The fact is that the bulk of the local population resided in the higher Glens to the north of Deeside but most of the communities were "cleared" in the 1800's.     

If you need any research in the area I'm only too willing to assist.



Originally posted  by Trevor Cree on June 27, 2012 at 8:49


    At the present time we have not been able to make a confirmed connection between the Chree family of Glenbucket and Strathdon with any Cree/Crie line. However I would say that the jury is still out on that one and perhaps only DNA will prove or disprove a connection.

    Yesterday, just by chance, I came across the 11 January 1828 birth of a Chree in Perth:

    "John Thomson Chree lawful Son to John Chree(s)? Post boy in Canal street in the said Parish and Marjory Sutherland his Spouse and Baptised on the Second day of February said year by the Reverend Samuel George Kennedy Minister of the West Church Parish of Perth. Saint Pauls Church Parish Perth the Eleventh of January One thousand eight hundred and Twenty eight - was Born."

    I believe that I have seen a "John Cree post boy" in Perth in my recent research but I will have to look it out.

    In addition in the LDS website listings there are a number of Chree listed in Dunfermline from the family of John Chree and Euphemia Anderson. However when you look at Ancestry the surname for this family changes to Cree, part of the Cree family that we have been recently researching. It is therefore possible that the Minister decided that Chree was the correct spelling whereas we know that this family was actually Cree.

    At least this example proves that Chree should still be considered as a possible variant of the surname Cree, and vice-versa,


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