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I recently joined this group and it is fascinating.  My mother was Florence Cree who was the only child of John and Mary (Minnie) Cree from Lisburn.  I am trying to trace back as far as I can.  John's parents were Susannah and Henry and Henry's parents were George and Jane who appear to be second cousins. I would welcome any further suggestions and happy to help with details of who I have traced so far.  Diane x

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Hi Diane,

Welcome to the Cree Family History Network!

George Cree and his wife Jane Cree were first cousins once removed. George's grandfather, William Cree, was a brother of Jane's father, Andrew Cree Jr. Their personal details can be seen at these web pages in the Cree Online Genealogy Database:

George Cree:
Jane Cree:

Use the gold Family Explorer tab at the top of each Person Details page to explore the extended family. Gold text on the Cree Surname website is always a clickable link.

George and Jane were both members of the Newtownards branch of the County Down Cree line (Chart at

George was from the Lisburn sub-branch
(Mini-chart at
Jane was from the Bangor branch
(Mini-chart at

Thank you for your offer to help with details of your family. We have your grandmother's details at but do not have her birth or death details (date and place). Of her children we only know of Florence and she is not shown on the website as thought she might still be alive. We do not show details of people who are (or may be) still alive. So further details of your parents would be welcome.

Although births, marriages and deaths are the events we try to establish first, we also welcome any details of other aspects of people's lives, such as their occupations and the places where they lived, and any other notable events.

You may prefer to contact me privately at but please continue to contribute to this Cree FH Network website too, as that may put you in touch with relatives you did not know you had!

Best Wishes,

Mike Spathaky
Oadby, UK.

Hi Mike,
Apologies for the late reply.  I'm not sure if I can edit details so thought I would give them to you.  My grandmother (Minnie)died in July 1965.  John and Minnie had only one daughter , my Mum Florence. Florence was born on 23rd March 1929 and died on 2nd November 2010 in Lisburn.  She is buried at Blaris Cemetery, Lisburn alongside my Dad, Leslie Corkin.  Leslie's full name is George Leslie Corkin.  He was born in Lisburn on 9th September 1926 and died on 12th July 1989.

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