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Forteviot Line. Resting place of Peter Campbell Cree, Elizabeth Murray, Margaret Pearson, Christian Murray, John Wallace & Peter Clark. Welshill Cemetery, Perth

Hello to all :)

I've been an avid follower of this site for many years and have spates of finding more info on my line.

2 Years ago I finally found the resting Place of My Grandfather (David Morrison Cree) GGF Peter Murray Cree, GGM Margaret Fyfe, GGGM Elizabeth Russell & Robert Morrison Cree.

I visited this grave today to pay my respects and on walking back through the hundreds of gravestones in there my wife spotted another Cree grave ! Unbelievably this was erected by my GGF Peter Murray Cree to his Children, first Wife, Mother , Father and Aunt! It was and is very emotional to have found them.

Trevor Cree/ Mike Spathaky --a name is on here that I haven't come across before as it seems Peter Murray Cree had a first  son John Wallace Cree who died age 3yrs!

The stone is very weather beaten with lettering having eroded, however I have attached pics of the stone as it stands and one on which I've deciphered what I can in ink.

from a very happy Gary Cree :)

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Hi Gary,

Welcome to the Cree Family History Network! How serendipitous that your wife spotted the other Cree headstone and that it had so much information about your family. (By the way John Wallace Cree was the third son not the first.) I am pleased to have the further details of your Cree relatives and have entered them into the Cree Genealogy Database. They can be found at and similar pages which it links to for other members of the family.

Could you please note where there are gaps in the data, especially exact dates of births, marriages and deaths and let me know that information if you have it. That helps me make the database more up-to-date.

That applies to any other members reading this. Please look up your Cree ancestors and family at and let me know of any errors or gaps in the information that need filling. Email me at .

Best Wishes,
Mike Spathaky
Cree Surname Website

Thank you Mike,

It was indeed an amazing stroke of luck or perhaps fate ! :)

You are correct John was the 3rd son and died so young. Such a great shame, but happened so often back then.

I will go through all the data I have to try and fill in any gaps over the next week or so and get back to you.

My Father could be added now as he sadly passed away on feb 4th 2011. He was born on 31st April 1929.  D T Cree Obituary 

Best regards


Many thaks for that Gary. Just a minor detail: He was born on 31st April 1929. Thirty days hath September, April...

Mike ;-)

:) I really must wear my glasses when using my phone ! April 30th was indeed fathers birthday :)

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