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The Irish government website at has recently uploaded a large number Irish birth, marriage and death records. This includes images from the all the registers of the Civil Records of Irish Births, Deaths and Marriages. The process is not complete yet but it's progressing well and has enabled me to create a full spreadsheet of Cree marriages in the Lists Section of the Cree Surname website (

Access to the images at the Irish Government site is entirely free and they cover the whole of Ireland until the end of 1921 and the Republic of Ireland after that (so not Northern Ireland which has its own system - not free - at GRONI). However the data I have abstracted includes many NI entries as all those from before 1922 are included in the Irish Goivernment records. A numer of post 1922 records from N Ireland seems to have crept in too.

The years covered by the release of the historic records of Births, Marriages and Deaths are:

Births: 1864 to 1919; Marriages: 1845* to 1944; Deaths: 1878** to 1969

I have been able to link the vast majority of the Cree entries to individuals in the Cree Online Genealogy Database at

For each individual so linked, there is a number in the bright green column of the spreadsheet. This is the CreeID number and you can enter it into any of the bright green search boxes around the website. One click then takes you straight to the relevant Person Details in the Database.

I hope this will be be found useful by members of this Cree Family History Network. I would be very pleased if anyone can contribute to this work by letting me know of further numbers I can add to those bright green columns of CreeID numbers.

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