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The search for your Cree, Crie, Crea, Cre, Crey and Chree origins

This Cree Family History Network offers members several ways of contributing. Starting a Forum discussion might be one way you choose to get going.

Click on FORUMS in the green menu bar at the top of any page. A short way down the right-hand side there is a select box labelled View. Make sure this has Categories selected.

You can then choose any one of ten or so Discussion Categories for your content. For example you might choose Cree family history in Scotland. Click on the title of your chosen Category.

On the top right, just below the menu bar, you will now see a button marked +Add. Click this.

Type a title in the Discussion Title box (such as My Cree family in Auchtermuchty)

Then type what you want to say in the large box.

After checking through what you have typed, click on the green Add Discussion button at the bottom of the page.

Your discussion will now appear at the top of the front page of the web site for all to see and hopefully someone will respond. It will move down the page whenever new content is added, which is not very often.

Does that help?

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