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James Swan Cree (son of Samuel Cree and Jean Swan) was born Oct 10, 1926, Montreal, Quebec; and christened Oct 24, 1926, Montreal, Quebec,  He served in WWII as an Able Seaman between18 Sep 1944–02 Jul 1946.  He married Christina Elizabeth Whateley June 29, 1950 - Livingstone Presbyterian Church, Montreal, Quebec.  They had 2 daughters and 2 sons (all still living).  James died June 23, 1973, Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, Quebec and was buried June 26, 1973, Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec

Christina Elizabeth Whateley was born Jan 27, 1927 and christened Apr 10 1927 MacVicar Memorial Presbyterian Church, Montreal, Quebec.  She died March 19, 2007 in Chambly, Quebec and was buried Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec

Grace Elizabeth Cree was born Mar 15, 1928, McMasterville, Quebec and Christened Apr 22 1928 United Church, Beloeil, Quebec.  She married Douglas Nisbett Hogg May 6 1950, Livingstone Presbyterian Church, Montreal, Quebec - they had 5 sons all still living.  She died June 17, 2003 and was buried June 19, 2007 in Ottawa, Ontario.

Her husband Douglas Nisbett Hogg was born May 6 1919 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  He died Sept 26, 2003 and was buried Sep 30, 2003 in Ottawa, Ontario.

I have all the documentation if required.

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Many thanks for posting all that detail Catherine! And also for your other note of appreciation. It's good to have our work recognised from time to time as it sort oif makes it all worth while.

You wrote "She (Grace) died June 17, 2003 and was buried June 19, 2007 in Ottawa, Ontario." I have changed the first date to 2007 as you said previously. I hope that's right.

Best Wishes


sorry the 2003 as correct -she and her husband died in the same year just months apart

PS I can provide all the same detail for Samuel and the others if you want it

Yes that would be great. Please note details of living people don't appear in the on-line database.

Catherine Hale (nee Cree) said:

PS I can provide all the same detail for Samuel and the others if you want it

here is some additional information:

George Frederick Valentine Cree (1876)

on Mar 31 1901 was living at 11 Suffolk, Ballygomartin, Antrim, Ireland and was a general labourer.  He was living with his father in law, Samuel Topping, mother in law Elizabeth (Carlisle), other Topping children - Jane, James, Isobella, Samuel, Thomas, John and Alexander,  George's wife, Annie and their 2 children, Samuel and George were also there.

on Apr 2 19011 was living at 105 Bellevue Street, Woodvale, Antrim, Ireland with is sons, Samuel and Andrew.  He was a bookkeeper.

in 1947 he was living at 36 Alliance Crescent, Belfast, Ireland

He was buried in Belfast City Cemetery, 20 January 1947 - the other occupant of the grave is David Henry who died in 1905.

Annie Topping

her parents were Samuel Topping and Elizabeth Carlisle.

Mar 31 1901 - she was living with her husband (as above)

She died Feb 25, 1911 after giving birth to a stillborn baby and was buried Feb 27, 1911 in City Cemetery, Belfast.  Three of her brothers, Samuel, Robert and William are buried with her. 

The stillborn baby is buried in City Cemetery, Belfast in public ground Feb 4, 1911.

Samuel Topping

was born about 1856 in Belfast, Antrim, Ireland

married Elizabeth Carlisle in 1876 in Lisburn, Down, Ireland

mar 21 1901 - as above - he was a butler

apr 2 1911 - was living at 11 Suffolk, Ballygomartin, Antrim, Ireland with his wife, Elizabeth and children, Thomas, John, Alexander and Elizabeth.  George Cree and William Cree, grandsons were also living with them.  Samuel was a cloth finisher.

Samuel died Dec 4, 1914 and was buried at City Cemetery, Belfast, Dec 6, 1914.    Other occupants of the grave are:



6 Yrs

13 June 1885

14 June 1885



68 Years

14 January 1879

15 January 1879



34 Years

18 July 1879

20 July 1879



83 Years

24 December 1903

26 December 1903

Elizabeth Carlisle (also known as Lizzie)

was born about 1859, Lisburn, Antrim, Ireland

she was with her husband, Samuel in 1901 and 1911

She left Ireland - departed Liverpool, England aboard the Metagama arriving in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada on May 1, 1915.  Her son Thomas, daughter Elizabeth and grand son George came with her.

in 1921 - she was living at 36 Anaren, Westmount, Montreal, Quebec.  Her son Thomas, daughter Elizabeth and grand sons, George and Samuel were living with her.

Elizabeth died Oct 30 1933 in Montreal, Quebec and was buried Nov 1 at Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec

The children of Samuel and Elizabeth are:  (I will not give all info on them as they are not Crees)

Annie Topping - see above

William James Topping b Apr 19 1879, Belfast, d Aug 19, 1909, Belfast b Aug 20, 1909 City Cemetery, Belfast

Jane Topping b Mar 1, 1881, Belfast,

James Topping b Feb 18, 1883, Suffolk, Ballygomartin, d May 27 1955, Montreal, Quebec, b May 1955 Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec

Samuel Topping, b about 1886, Belfast, d Sep 8, 1903 b Sep 10, 1903, City Cemetery, Belfast

Isabella Topping b about 1887, Belfast

Robert Topping born about 1888 Belfast, d Nov 2 1892, b Nov 4, 1892 City Cemetery, Belfast

Thomas Topping b Apr 4, 1891, Belfast

John Topping b about 1895 Belfast

Alexander Topping - b Aug 9 1895, Antrim, died Mar 2, 1917 General Hospital, Camiers, France - he was a Private in the 4th Battalion, Canadian Forces and died from injuries sustained in war - Wounded in action - GSW, fractured right arm and mouth - he is buried Etaples Military Cemetery, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

Elizabeth Topping - Aug 3, 1903 Suffolk, Antrim, Ireland

I will add details of the George and Annie's Children later

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