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I was wondering if anyone knew what and tartan the Perth Glover line would be? I have tried looking it up but I get a message saying there is no clan for that surname.
Thank you!

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Comment by Caroline Cree on August 9, 2017 at 22:35
Thanks Trevor. I must admit that I have never felt that we come from the McRae/MacRae either.
Comment by Trevor Cree on August 9, 2017 at 21:04


Certainly an interesting question. You will see from the following link that a company will sell you the Cree tartan if you wish:

However tartans are a very commercial business and our research indicates that there was never a true Cree tartan. Many Scottish surname books have the surname Cree as being a sept of the McRae/MacRae line but we do not think that it is or ever has been. The reasons are:

(i) The geographical origin and distribution of the McRae/MacRae and Cree/Crie in Scotland is very different.

(ii) The DNA records of the McRae/MacRae and Cree/Crie do not match at all. If the Cree were genetically related to the McRae/MacRae then it follows that there would be a DNA match somewhere because so many McRae/MacRae DNA tests have been undertaken. That is not to say that a small number of direct matches will not be found in the future and some Cree may indeed be descended from a McRae/MacRae line. However so far we have not found one.

And so my view is that buying a Cree tartan is not really worthwhile. Fortunately the Cree/Crie in Scotland have a very long and interesting recorded history and as far as we can tell they originated from a small number of families close to Perth. 

Our English Cree are thought to descend from Alexander Mackree (of Bolsover) who it is assumed originally came from Scotland. However even his children were named Cree and not Mackree. So far the DNA tests of the English Cree do not match the McRae/MacRae either.

Clearly the more Cree males that take the FamilyTree DNA tests the more certain we will be of our origins. I hope that this helps. Mike may have more to add on this subject,


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