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Mike Spathaky

I am very sorry to have to report the very sad news that Mike (Spathaky) passed away on the 24th December 2022. Mike was the driving force behind Cree family history research for over 30 years and he was the primary creator of the Cree One-Name Study database ( I am sure that all of our thoughts are with his wife Marian, family and friends.

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Cree One-Name Study

Clearly many of us have individually made significant contributions to Cree family history over the last decades but none more so than Mike Spathaky. The Cree One-Name Study ( that he created is a monumental achievement and thousands of those around the world with a Cree ancestry will have consulted it at one time or another. It is difficult to comprehend how many months or perhaps years have gone into…


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Welcome to all the new members of the Cree Network

I should just like to take this opportunity to welcome all of those who have recently joined the Cree Family History Network. Over the last few years significant progress has been made in helping individuals trace their own Cree ancestry and the website must be one of the most comprehensive family history resources in existence. The male Cree who have undertaken the DNA test have allowed us to prove that many previously unconnected Cree lines are indeed directly related and many…


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Spam Alert

We have recently had to suspend a very new member of the Cree Family History Network because it would appear that they may have been involved in Spamming other members. If you received any unwanted messages our apologies. Hopefully it was contained before too many members were contacted (10th July 2013). I believe that you will not be contacted again by that person since their membership has now been blocked. We try to be very careful when vetting new applications,


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William Thomas Cree and Family

Adam Trevor Cree has recently submitted a photo identifying a number of his direct ancestors related to William Thomas Cree (1907-1989). The submission can be found in the Photos section,

Trevor Cree.

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George Cree's 1919 Claim for a Pension

County Down Census Substitutes

The following claim by George Cree for a pension in 1919 is very interesting since the final entry states that "Family not found" and therefore it might be assumed…


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A New Branch of the Cree Family of Fife and Devon?

A New Branch of the Cree Family of Fife and Devon??

On Sunday, 1st April 2012, I was focussing once again on trying to find out more information about my Cree family history in Ireland when I came across the following death announcement in one of the Limerick papers (

"At Turnchapel, near Plymouth, Celia Cree, daughter of the…


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