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At 0:49 on January 26, 2021, Neal Connor said…

Hi Trevor, 

Many thanks for the acceptance.  My surname is Connor but my mothers maiden name is Cree from Lisburn.  I have been recently searching back, upon discovery of Samuel Raymond Cree.  My Uncle has made me aware that he was my Grandads 1st or 2nd cousin.  My Uncle had made me aware that there is a few photographs.  To our amazment he has found them.  I now have a copy of this.  This would have been my Mums Great Great Grandfather, so I'm guessing it would be my Great Great Great Grandparents.  On the back is written William and Mary Cree. 

I am hoping to piece more of this together and would love to share the photo with you guys 

At 15:05 on August 13, 2020, David Cree said…

No probs my great grandfather was Robert Cree he married Lilian Ridler they lived in a little cottage think it was called elmos or emos cottage in Sunniside near Whickam.

At 8:43 on August 13, 2020, David Cree said…

Sorry I should have added that it was  April 2014 when I settled over here in Portadown and I was born 10/02/1974 my sister on 19/03/73 we are the only children Robert and Dorothy had.

At 8:32 on August 13, 2020, David Cree said…

Hi Trevor and thanks my grandfather Robert Cree married Betty Smith and moved to Burnopfield where my father Robert  was born he married my mother Dorothy Brown and had myself and my sister Diane who still lives there. I joined the Army and met my wife Lynn Neilly  whilst serving over here and when I left the army I settled here we have one son called Alexander.

At 22:09 on September 11, 2017, Richard M Shutes said…
Hi Trevor,

We are currently on holiday in Ireland. I was able to visit Belfast last Saturday and Cork today. What a wonderful trip it has been. Just wish I had more time in Northern Ireland to do some research.

At 1:06 on July 31, 2017, Sarah Cree said…
Hi Trevor
Thankyou for the welcome note. Caroline is my cousin and she introduced me to the website, which is great!
Kind regards
Sarah Cree
At 20:17 on July 24, 2016, Katrina Simpson said…

thank you Trevor, I did know some of that information but not all.  most interesting.  I will contact Mike when I can.  Thank you again. Katrina

At 10:54 on November 28, 2015, Sean Harrington said…

Is there any further information available on David Cree - Christening Date 03 Feb 1706, Kinnoul, Perth. Father's Name David Cree ?

At 11:53 on November 27, 2015, Mike Spathaky said…

Hi Sean,

Welcome to the Cree Family History Network! Great to have a Dubliner here.

I think it is eminently possible, I would say probably even, that John Crie married three time as you have shown in your posting. Such a situation is not unusual at this period. I have him on the Cree database with wives numbers 2 and 3 at (and will add his first wife and her children shortly).

Perth was an unhealthy place to live in the 18th century when the town's sewerage system had not kept up with the needs of its growing population. Millers' families were susceptible to TB and lung diseases and women at childbirth were especially vulnerable. It was usual for widowed fathers of young children to marry almost immediately after the loss of their wives in order that the children could be lookd after. So it is far more likely that there was one John Crie, miller, who married three times than three such men. The existence of three people known as John Crie, miller, stretches credulity - mine anyway. The dates as you point out fit this story very well.

What is less clear is whether John was the one baptised on 23 November 1736 in Blair Atholl as the son of David Cree for he would have been only 15 yrs old at his marriage to Jean Keiller. I am uncertain what the minimum age for marraige was for males in Scotland at that time. John was old enough to father a child and their daughter was born six months after the marriage, so we can guess there would have been pressure for a marriage. I know that marriage laws were in general more relaxed than in England, so it is not impossible that it was he.

However I accept there is no convincing evidence to connect John Crie, miller in Perth, with David Crie and Margaret Cowan of Blair Atholl, even bearing in mind that this couple were from the Methven- Tibbermore area just a few km west of Perth. The fact is that there were a number of Crie families from this area.

Going by the most common age at marriage of 24 (for males) the most likely birth record for our miller is that of John Crie born 3 February 1719, Meckven, a fermtoun in Methven parish, to Alexander Crie. This is one of those suggested by Trevor Cree. At present I think we have to suspend judgement about where John Crie came from.

At 21:39 on November 26, 2015, Sean Harrington said…

Trevor ,with respect please note that Isobel was born to John Crie & Janet Kidd on 9th Dec 1764 & he then John marries Jannet Young on 26th Feb 1765. This is a similar turn around to the one which you refer to. 

Also over these 3 marriages & the 10 children born, only one name occurs twice that of John in 1760 ( mother Jean Killer ) & John in 1769 ( mother Jannet Young ) suggesting that the first John dies somewhere between 1760 & 1769, possibly even at birth. 

At 18:50 on November 26, 2015, Sean Harrington said…

Is the following possible :

John Crie marries Jean Killer 15/05/1752 -  Issue - May 1752

                                                                         Catherine 1754

                                                                         Jean 1758

                                                                         John 1760

Jean Killer dies c. 1760

John Crie marries Janet Kidd 24/05/1760 - Issue - David 1762

                                                                          Isabell 1764  

Janet Kidd dies c. 1764

John Crie marries Jannet Young 26/02/1765 - Issue - Elizabeth 1766

                                                                              Ann 1767

                                                                              John 1769

                                                                              Peter 1771

Note that none of these births overlap with the marriages.


At 18:34 on November 26, 2015, Sean Harrington said…

Hi Trevor,

I sent the marriage banns & other relevant docs as a reply to your email. 


At 0:39 on November 25, 2015, Sean Harrington said…

Hi Trevor, delighted to find this site.This is a brief summary of where I am at the moment:

I have been stuck for a while on my Gx2 grandmother Mary Burgess born in Malta in 1836. I then found her birth cert showing parents as John Burgess ( soldier with Gordon Highlanders ) & Mary Jane King. A visit to Kew revealed that John was born in 1810 in Canongate to David Burgess & Margaret McKenzie who married in 1809. Further research revealed that David Burgess was born in 1788 to David Burgess & Jean Crie who married in 1779. The marriage banns refer to Jean Crie as being from the parish of Kinnoull & that she is the daughter of John Crie, Miller in Perth.

I have found a Jean Crie born in Perth in 1758 to a John Crie & Jean Keiller who married in 1752 & I believe to be my G x 6 grandparents. I have more dates & details of siblings & copies of christening registrations & marriage banns if required.

Does any of this link in to any lines that you know of ?




At 12:47 on May 31, 2013, Mary Elizabeth Larn said…

Hi Trevor, I'm new to this website, so still finding my way round.  I have looked at all the information on the Derbyshire Crees and identified my ancestors dating back to the Bolsover and the original Alexander McCree, so that's fantastic, a tremendous help in affirming and extending my own previous research.

However, in the more recent generations I see you have some mistakes and anomolies, which I would like to correct and add more informaiton. 

Please can you instruct me how to go about this?  Thanks so much, Liz Larn

At 21:04 on May 26, 2013, Emma Louise Cree said…

yes i have heard how good this site is. my father leonard cree is on here and introduced me to this wonderful site

At 22:38 on February 25, 2013, Mrs Helen Dawson said…


        Would you please let me have Tara Cree's e-mail. It would be nice to talk to her.


At 16:20 on October 2, 2012, Adam Trevor Cree said…

Thanks Trevor my own family is of the Bangor Co. Down line, line 16, I am very interested however in finding links to the 10.B line through Hugh Cree of St. Quivox & Newton.

At 11:30 on August 7, 2012, Lynn Beardwood said…

Hello Trevor

I am the daughter of Barbara Cree  1932 - 2002 who was the daughter of Frank and Nellie ( Baxter). My mum had a brother Norman 1929-1931, the end of this Cree line. Frank had two brothers Henry who died in 1916 in Flanders and William who was 30 and living at home in 1911. He also had two sisters Edith and Ethel they were also living at home in 1911. I have not been able to trace them since this. I do remember going to London to visit Aunty Edith with my Gran and also to Liverpool to visit a relative of my deceased grandad but not sure who that was.

This means I think that my great grandad was James Cree who was the son of William Cree who was the son of Thomas Cree and Elizabeth Cutts of Pinxton. I am really interested to get hold of copies of the letters that went between Manchester/ Salford and America. Any help would be much appreciated.

Lynn Beardwood

At 9:31 on May 14, 2012, Cheryl Stoner said…

Hello Trevor

I was so excited when I found this web site, with matching details of my family tree. I have a fairly large tree and not sure of the best way to get the information to you. But in short it goes like this:

Myself - Cheryl Stoner (nee Martin) - British, currently residing Singapore

Father - Derek Martin. Mother - Sylvia Martin (nee Cornish) UK

Derek Martin -Mother - Margaret Martin (nee Crie (also known as Cree, Mc Cree, Mc Minn) - born 1895. married William Phillip Martin born 1890. South Africa.They had 7 known children, some stayed in South Africa, some emigrated to UK.

Margaret Martin's Father - James Crie (also known as Cree, Mc Cree) born March 11 1860, Boness, West lothian, Scotland. he was an Argyll and  Sutherland Highlander. went to South Africa. met and married his wife - Charlotte Marthina Haggerty, born Oct 1 1862 they had 9 known children

James Crie's - Father, Archibald Crie / Cree born June 8 1828 Riccarton, Ayrshire, scotland. Died 1898. married Mary McMinn / McMunn born 1829 Ireland

I have my family tree on a database with

I would welcome any advise


At 16:45 on April 5, 2012, Mike Spathaky said…

Now I'm confused. I didn't know about Comment Wall. Where's that in the menu system? Does this comment (that I'm writing now) appear of your comment wall, my comment wall, or a communal comment wall? Let's see

To answer your question, the Blogs page has three links at the top:  All Blog Posts, My Blog and Edit Blog Posts.

My guess is that:-
All Blog posts should display all of everyone's blog posts;
My Blog will display all my blogs (which is obviously the same as "All" at the moment;
Edit blog posts should give me access to edit my own blog posts only.

You could usefully test this as "My Blog" should appear blank to you as you haven't posted any yet. And Edit should not guve you access to edit my blogs.

Perhaps you could test this.

Another thought. Is it too late to alter the web address of the Ning site from to simply ? We haven't yet settled on the nomeclature for the whole Cree project and its constituent parts, but I think the URL should reflect the title Cree Family History Network" or be simply cree.

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