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Spliced or Knotted - Three Cree-Leslie Marriages in Scotland

Three marriages took place in which all six partners were descendants of either of two couples. The first couple was John Leslie and Helen Johnstone and the other was James Cree and Christian Graham. The Leslies had two sons John and David Leslie while the Crees had children named David and Janet Cree (among others).

The first Cree-Leslie marriage was between John Leslie (the son) and Janet Cree some time before 1807. They had a son who was a third John Leslie. Meanwhile John's brother, David Leslie, had a daughter Mary Leslie while Janet's brother, David Cree, had children James and Grace Cree. I hope you're following this...

In April 1855 Mary Leslie married James Cree, nephew of her father's sister-in-law Janet Cree; a few days later Mary's new sister-in-law, Grace Cree, (who was also, of course, niece of her father's sister-in-law, Janet Cree), married her own first cousin John Leslie (the third) who was also Mary's first cousin.

Got that?

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