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Patrick Cree, Newcastle upon Tyne, age 17, carrying the flame through Bedlington on 15 June 2012.

Patrick's nomination story

"Patrick Cree is my inspirational son. He was diagnosed with Chron's disease when he was 10. Since then he has had over 50 operations, a colostomy (for two years now reversed) many episodes of being fed by a naso-gastric tube for 6 week periods and had to deal with the psychology of his illness and developing as a teenager. Now at the age of 16 living with his disease he has defied the medics to row and golf at club level and represent the North east region in rowing at national level! He trains up to 6 sessions a week pushing himself way beyond the levels of kids his own age. He never lets anyone be aware of what he has been through or is continuing to cope with. He has weekly injections that make him incredibly ill for at least 24 hours and then he attacks the remaining six days with incredible courage. As a ten year old he decided there was nothing he could not achieve as long as he at least tried and through sport he has demonstrated this not only to himself but to everyone who knows and supports him. It is this same philosophy that brings me to nominate him as a torch bearer and inspiration to others. Thank you."

The Cree surname has been registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies for about twenty years. Someone on the Guild Forum pointed out that there's a searchable list of the British Olympic Torch Bearers at . What you have just read is what I found.

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