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I'm not sure if the origin of the Sprotbrough Cree line has been discussed before on the Network but I have just noticed your very interesting posting below. Mike is probably the expert on the Sprotbrough Cree line but we had a very interesting meeting one or two years ago with descendants of the original William Cree. Detailed information can be found by clicking on Line 14 on the following page:

It was at one time thought that William Cree (1713-1750) might not be the father of his son William Cree (1749 - 1838) because of William's rapid rise in society. However, through DNA family history testing, we now know that a direct Cree descendant of William Cree (1749 - 1838) is directly related to a number of Cree males DNA who can be traced back on paper back to Scotland in the 1600s.

1. If you look at the photo section of the Cree Family History Network you should find some photographs of the Sprotbrough Cree meeting that we held close to the old Cree family home in Surrey.

2. The Cree necklace and other old Cree photos would certainly be of great interest to all Cree members and particularly to members originating from the Sprotbrough Cree line. If they could be posted that would be great. 

3. Truth or Fact?

(a) A line of the Cree family did have a connection with Creetown and the River Cree in Scotland but it was indirect. It is not believed that the Cree family descended from a Spanish sailor although we are always happy to be proved wrong should evidence appear in the future. The connection with Creetown is due to the fact that the son of Christian Cree (1718-1795) and William Stewart (1710-1786), namely Robert Stewart of Castle Stewart and St Fort (1743-1801), was for a relatively short time the owner of a ruined castle (Castle Stewart) and land on the River Cree close to Creetown. However in his lifetime he sold the lands at Castle Stewart.  

I hope that this helps clarify a few issues,


Dan wrote:

I am married to the great-granddaughter of William Cree (1854-1922) s/o Thomas Cree and Maria Bishop Walker who married Edith Mary Holt through their son Arthur Stanley Holt Cree 1887-1973.  Both William Cree and son Arthur Stanley Holt Cree were Anglican Church Ministers. 

  I possess through my mother-in-law, Stanley's daughter, all the events in their lives, the pictures of many Cree's from the family and the letter's back and forth from the family in England and here in Ontario.

  Also the very old family heirloom Cree Necklace handed down through the generations in possession of a very old family member here which the Cree women used to wear when their were getting married.  I have a picture of this necklace.

  TRUTH or FACT? - This is a family story handed down in my wife's family through the years and generations of how the Cree family began....

   Creetown (Scotland-believed to be where the Cree's originated by the family) was or is on the Scottish side of the border between England and Scotland.  Belief was that at the time of the Spanish Armada, a Spanish soldier was shipwrecked off the coast of Scotland, swam ashore and fell in love with a Cree girl.  The government would let them marry only if he took her last name instead of his.  The family believes there is Spanish blood in their line due to this.

    Creetown is on the east shore of Wigtown messaging with 

Her line comes down from the Sprotborough, Yorkshire lineage of William Cree. 

I would be interested in messaging through here with others from this lineage.

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