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New Cree DNA testing campaign: Special Offer ends 31 Dec for testing kits

The Cree Family History Network is now launching a campaign to encourage Cree males to take a simple test from which their DNA may be analysed and matched to that of others in the existing Cree Surname Y-DNA Project. This has the potential to enable us to link different Cree ancestral lines. I am writing therefore to ask if you would consider becoming involved in the Cree DNA Project.

For example it is suggested that the Cree lines which have been traced back to Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the 1770s may be linked to each other and to the Cree lines in County Down, Ireland. It is also suspected that these Irish lines are linked to one or more of the many Scottish Cree lines. Furthermore, since most of the Scottish Cree lines originate in the county of Perthshire, it is thought that most (or all) of them are related. All of these, and many other questions might be resolved through DNA testing.

An important element of the project is to establish a baseline pattern of DNA markers for each Cree line, so that in future people taking the test can be matched to their correct line. For some lines there are branches that are thought to be related to the main line but with no firm proof. DNA tests have the potential to establish such links.

Are you eligible for testing? Well first you must be male. The test analyses DNA from the Y-chromosome which only males have. This is the DNA which is passed down almost unchanged from father to son. Secondly, your Cree descent must be through the male line as far as you know. If you are eligible for testing please consider taking the DNA test.

If you are not eligible, perhaps because you are female or your Cree ancestry is through a female descent, then you might consider being involved in other ways. For example you might be able to persuade a relative who is a male Cree by descent through a purely male line to take the test, or you might wish to donate to the Cree DNA Project fund. Donations would be used to reduce the cost of tests for those Crees who are eligible. Remember that the results from yDNA testing give valuable information to everyone, male and female, related to the person tested.

I have prepared an Information Sheet on Y-DNA testing which gives details of the test and how to order the test kit on-line. Please click on this link:

I fully expect that you will have further questions to ask about Y-DNA testing. I will be happy to answer any such questions as best I can.

PS. Please note that the recommended test kits are available at a special reduced price until 31 December 2012. Make sure you order on-line by this date. See the above Information Sheet.

Best Wishes,

Mike Spathaky, Co-ordinator
Cree Surname Research

Trevor Cree, Co-ordinator
Cree Family History Network

Gary Maher, Voluntary Administrator
Cree Surname Y-DNA Project

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