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Just wanted to add that there are a few george boomer crees in the Northern Ireland line and it can get confusing.

I am related to the George Boomer Cree (1879) who married Ellen Carlisle. This family moved to canada. This George was the son of Hugh Smylie Cree and Rhoda Law. His sister Rhoda Cree married Ellen's cousin John Melville.

Where things have went wrong on the genealogy database is that Captain Hugh Smiley Cree (9871) has been added as the son of George Boomer and Ellen.

This Hugh (who married Elizabeth Gibson) was the son of Hugh Smylie Cree (1871-1932) and Margaret McCombe and was born in 1910, not 1906, it was the son of George and Ellen who was born in 1906. Hugh the father (1871) was the son of William Cree and Mary McGregor, I hope that makes sense.

What has happened on the database is that the marriage/occupation/death info has been added to the wrong Hugh Smiley Cree as they were both cousins.



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Hi Martin!
First may I say Welcome to the Cree Family History Network! I hope you find it useful and interesting being a member.

It is indeed confusing sorting out the George Boomer Crees - and also the Hugh Smiley Crees, especially since you have now added another one There are now six!

I think the reason I went wrong is that there appears to be no birth record of the Hugh Smiley Cree who was born in 1910. I was definitelly unsure of my ground when I found a Hugh Cree who was aged 1 in 1911 Census. Anyway I have altered the Cree Genealogy Database now using the information you have given me. So many thanks for that!

Please would you check all the following are now correct...

Hugh Smiley Cree (Cree ID 9871) is now the one born 1910 as the son of Hugh Smiley Cree (ID 9877) and Mary McCombe. The latter Hugh was a son of William Cree (ID9852) and Mary McGregor. William Cree was a son of Alexander Cree (ID 9848) and Mary Smiley.

Hugh Smylie Cree (new ID 10416) was born 1906 the son of George Boomer Cree (ID 9869) and Elenor Carlile (various spellings). George B Cree was a son of HSC (ID9869) and Rhoda Law and this HSC was also a son of Alexander Cree and Mary Smiley. So that's where the two branches tie together.

That means that the two people named Hugh Smiley Cree (IDs 9871 and 10416) are actually second cousins since they have a pair of great-grandparents in common.
Please would you check the On-line Database as I would like to be sure I have everything correct now.

I would be interested to know more about the descendants George and Eleanor Cree, how they relate to you and when they migrated to Canada. If you could let me have their births, marriage and death dates and places I can enter them in the database. Be sure to make clear who is now alive and dead as we don't want living persons appearin on-line.

A Hugh Smiley Cree died in Waseca, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1931. I have no information about his age. Do you think that this is the one who was born 1906? (now Cree ID 10416). It would mean he died aged about 25.

I see from your profile that you are in Northern Ireland. My wife Marian (née Mitchell) says Are you related to Artie or Billy McDowell of Gilford, Co. Down? They are people she knew when she lived there when she was young.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes
Mike Spathaky
Cree One-Name Study


Thanks for that, all correct now. I don't have any more info on the Canadain family unfortunately so was very interested to see you founda  death in 1931, as you say it is probably correct as its a very distinctive name (except when they are more than one of them living nearby!)

I am related to Eleanor Carlisle and John Phillips Melville both of whom married Crees, so I am not a blood relation of the Crees myself, thought I have been researching the Alexander Cree line because of the connection.

I will have a few more additions for you, I was typing them out in a previus version of this message but seem to have got timed out!

A couple of things you may want to note re. the Melville/Cree family is that there is a missing child of John and Rhoda - Samuel born 2 April 1907. His sister Margaret Tolerton Melville (20 Feb 1909) is still alive!

No relation to the McDowells of Gilford unfortunately!

Thanks for that, Martin. I have added Sarah to the Database. I have also marked Margaret as living so that she automatically will not appear in the on-line version.

Best Wishes,  Mike

Although I am not related to this line - I do keep running into George when looking for my George's in Canada - I've attached the 1916 and 1921 Census.  I believe these are your relatives.

I will see what else I can find (I have the Canadian ancestry for a month).

Martin - I am interested in the Carlisle line - my great great grandfather Samuel Topping married Elizabeth Carlisle (b about 1859) in 1879 in Lisburn.  Her parents were James Carlisle and Ann Rawdon.  Is there a connection?  I don't know alot about that side yet.

Name: Hugh Smiley Cree
Death Year: 1931
Burial City:

Waseca, Saskatchewan, Canada

After the 1921 census that is all I can find on Hugh

In 1935, Grace was still living with her parents - see voter's list attached.  If she married after that the marriage won't be online yet. . . and I can't find her later than this

Saskatchewan, Canada, Burial Index, 1802-2011 about Reverend George B. Cree

Name: Reverend George B. Cree
Death Year: 1950
Burial City:

Macklin, Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan, Canada, Residents Index (SRI), 1800-2012 about Rev George B. Cree


George B. Cree

Residence Date:


Residence Place:

Tyvan, Saskatchewan, Canada



Saskatchewan, Canada, Residents Index (SRI), 1800-2012 about Rev George B. Cree


George B. Cree

Residence Date:


Residence Place:

Briercrest, Saskatchewan, Canada


list of names

Saskatchewan, Canada, Residents Index (SRI), 1800-2012 about Rev George B. Cree


George B. Cree

Death Date:


Death Place:

Macklin, Saskatchewan, Canada


here's the voter's list I referred to earlier - it said the doc was too large


I can't find any more info on Ellenor Carlile Cree either.  Hope the above helps you -looks like the Cree name in that line ends with Hugh in 1931- he doesn't appear to have married or had any children.  Let me know if you want me to search something more specific.

Hi Catherine,

Thats fantastic information - thanks a lot for all the trouble you have went to! That is definately my lot.

Not the same Carlisles unfortunately, mine were from Munninabane in County Down, if I find out anything on your ones I will post here.

Thanks again.

No trouble at all!!  You are welcome!!  If I stumble upon more I'll post it . . .

I haven't been able to dig up much but maybe this will help a bit with your seems that two brothers married two sisters: Samuel's brother William married Elizabeth's sister Jane in the same church (Dunmurry Presbyterian) on 21 June 1881. You probably know this already but thought I'd mention it just in case.

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