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Thought I would update the information of some of their children -

Samuel Cree came to Canada in 1914 and signed up for WWI in 1916 - he returned to Canada as a Sergeant in 1919.  In 1921 he was living with his grandmother Elizabeth Topping (nee Carlisle) in Westmount, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  He married Jean Swan on Apr 24 1925 at Saint Matthew Presbyterian Church, Pointe St Charles, Quebec, Canada.  They had 2 children - James Swan Cree (1926-1973) and Grace Elizabeth Cree (1928-2007).  Samuel Cree died in 1969 after a lengthy illness.

George Cree came to Canada in 1915 with his grandmother, Elizabeth Topping, and his uncle Thomas Topping and his aunt, Lizzie Topping.  He signed up for WWI in 1916 and returned in 1919.  He was also living with his grandmother Elizabeth Topping in 1921.  He died in 1928.

William Cree came to Canada in 1927 and married Mary Montgomery on Oct 16 1932 at McMasterville, La Vallée-du-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada.  They had one daughter - Mary (1933-2004) that I know of and remember.

The 3 brothers all worked for CIL Industries in McMasterville - George until his death, William retired in McMasterville and Samuel moved around from McMasterville, PQ to Norwich, Ontario and finally Pointe Claire, Quebec.

I can provide documentation for all the above information.

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Hi Catherine,

Many thanks for posting all these details of the Cree brothers who migrated to Canada. I have now added them the Cree Genealogy Database at and their details can be viewed there. It's probably best to start with their father George Frederick Valentine Cree. Enter his Cree ID number, 9904, into any Quicksearch box on the web site and you will see his details. Scroll down to see a list of his children and click on any of them to see their details. Another way to get around is by clicking on the family tree icon just under George's name. This reveals links to his brothers wife and children as well as his ancestors for three generations.

Best Wishes,

Mike Spathaky

Thank you Mike!!!  I was going to come on here yesterday and add a BIG thank you to you and to Trevor for all the hard work done creating this site and the research done on the Cree name.  When I started tracing our family trees 2 years ago, I avoided my grandfather's side as Ireland was always so difficult . . .but just before Christmas when on ancestry I broke my own rules (working on only one name at a time) and found my cousin, Annabelle.  Since then everything has just exploded!!! She introduced to me to this site and and we've worked together gathering information.  When I came back I found that you agreed with us and added my grandfather. . . . Since then, I have been working with line 23B (George Cree's line) adding in the information I collected and using the line to help me find people I missed).  Its added over 120 names to my tree and I've met some great people too - including my cousin Leonard!

I still have line 17 to go through (Jane Cree's line)  . . .

Again - THANK YOU!!!  These sites are awesome and I can't find words to express how much they mean to me!!!

Hi Catherine,

I am new to this site and going back to old posts and came across this one. I am the granddaughter of William Cree. My mother was Mary(known as May) and she also had a brother William, who is still alive, living in Ontario. I have notice that William is missing from this site.

I am enjoying going through all this information and learning about my ancestors.


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