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I hope it's ok to post this, I'm looking to try and find my granddads family, he was Robert Cree (known as Bob) and was one of five. I know he had a brother called Wallace, other than that I have little to go on.

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Hi Sophia,

I'm sure it's OK to post an enquiry like this. However it almost always helps if you can give some information about the person you are asking about, such as dates and places of births, deaths and marriages. It doesn't matter if these are uncertain. They may still help to locate the person.

In this case a likely answer may be that your grandfather was Robert Wren Cree (1920-1988), originally of Glasgow. Check this out in our Cree On-line Genealogy Database at . If the Person Details on that web page look like those of your grandfather, we have a fairly certain genealogy going back a further eight generations to Alexander Crie who lived in 1699 at a farm called Cala-Fountain in the parish of Forteviot in Perthshire, Scotland. You can trace your ancestry a generation at a a time by clicking on the father's name given in each set of person details. Or more rapidly by clicking on the gold pedigree symbol just under the person's own name.

We know that Robert Wren Cree had a brother named Wallace Ross Cree. He does not appear in the Cree Database as we cannot tell on the information we have whether or not he is still alive.

I would appreciate having any further details you may have about this family if it is indeed yours. Please feel free to contact me either via this public discussion or by using the private message facility of this Cree Family History Network. (Click Messages in the menu bar above.)

Best Wishes,

Mike SpathakyCree Family History Network 

I know Mike will appreciate the information - adding to the tree is always encouraged - did you check out the link that Mike supplied in his email - it has a ton of information about your family - each of the gold names can be clicked on for information about that person

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