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First to say how thankful I am for the immense amount of careful work that has and continues to go into the Cree One-Name Study. My wife’s (Caroline nee Robertson) gt-gt-grandmother, Janet Cree (b. 1806 in Abernethy Perthshire to Thomas Cree and Euphemia Jameson) married Alexander Robertson in 1832. My research over the last 5 or 6 years back to Janet’s grandparents (Andrew Crie and Margaret Moris(on)  in Abernethy) matches the research recorded in the Cree One-Name Study. Further back in that Cree/Crie family tree, research becomes more speculative - not helped by the fact that the Abernethy baptismal register has only the Father’s name. It does seem probable, from OPR entries, that Andrew Crie’s parents were Johne Crie and Catharine Clark (married 1711 in Abernethy). Has anyone come across evidence that determines Johne Crie’s parents? Is there any documented link to the Perth or Kinnoul/St Madoes Crie/Crees? Thomas Crie and Elspeth Smyth (married in Kinnoul Parish in 1679) are possible candidates, but some researchers suggest that their son married a Marjory Lean in Abernethy in 1804. The problem there is that that John Crie and Marjory Lain had son, George, baptised in Newburgh Nov 1719 (delayed by abt 10 years?!). Any help gratefully received - thanks

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Hi Donald,

Welcome to the growing ranks of the Cree Family History Network. Thank you for your kind words about the Cree Surname website (One-Name Study item in the main menu above). Although I have co-ordinated the website and the genealogy, many hands have contributed to the research. However I cannot escape from admitting that the working out of the Abernethy genealogies is mostly my work. Trevor Cree has supported me in this, especially in obtaining transcripts and even facsimile copies of parochial records. The genealogy of the Abernethy Cree families is indeed complicated and It was necessary to list all the Cree birth and baptism records of both Abernethy and the adjacent parishes of Newburgh and Abdie (inconveniently in the next county, Fife, but only 3 and 5 miles away). Only then, by looking at birth intervals, birth places and names was it possible to disentagle the families, especially those of Johne Crie (CreeID#1259) and John Cree (CreeID#1359). (The spellings of their names were not a good guide and they were variable for each of them.)

You ask, Has anyone come across evidence that determines Johne Crie’s parents?

The answer is in footnote 3 of the person details of Johne Crie on page John was baptised in Perth, both his parents' are named - as Thomas Crie and Elspeth Smyth in the OPR record. The same applies to his three known siblings, the next two also born in Perth and the fourth in St Madoes.

It is possible that the other John Cree (CreeID#1359) (birth year and parentage unknown) was the one who married Marjory Lean in 1704 at Abernethy and fathered the nine children we have listed. The one spelt Johne Crie (#1259) would then be the one who married Catherine Clerk in 1711, also in Abernethy.

A guide is that the latter Johne Crie was born in 1680 and the median age for first marriage was 24. This therefore fits the marriage to Marjorie Lean in 1704. But since we don't know when the other John was born we cannot say he did not fit just as well.

You wrote, The problem there is that that John Crie and Marjory Lain had son, George, baptised in Newburgh Nov 1719 (delayed by abt 10 years?!).

I don't see that this is the problem. This couple had nine chidren baptised that we know of, at normal intervals, and George was the eight of the nine. See the link above.

More research needs to be done on these Cree families. I suspect that they moved out of Perth to the Abernethy area after the Civil War disturbances in which their relatives were involved. Thomas Crie's father Henrie Crie was Deacon of the Weavers' Guild who are known to have opposed the Royalists at the Battle of Tippermuir; Henrie's widowed mother Margaret Donaldson played host to the Earl of Montrose after the latter's victory at the battle. (See

There were also several acrimonious religious disagreements centred in and around Perth (and Abernethy). Research into these might give fruitful results for our genealogies. Certainly we do not have the whole truth and I am open to new data requiring revision of the genealogy as it now stands.

Best Wishes,
Mike Spathaky
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