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To the best of my belief my 1st cousin 6 times removed Christian MEIK married a James CRIE, Provost & Surgeon at Perth, Perthshire, Scotland, on 20th March 1739

(Christian was the daughter of the Rev George MEIK and Christian or Catherine COOK - I have a large amount of information on the MEIK and COOK families)

My problem is two-fold: where does this James CRIE fit into the greater CRIE family, and did he and Christian MEIK have any descendants?

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Hello Don and welcome to the Cree FH Network!

You can find details of how Provost James Crie fits into the greater Crie family in the Cree On-line Genelaogy Database. His personal details are at Names in gold type are links so you can trace James's ancestors back through his father, also James Crie, who had also been Provost of Perth; his grandfather, yet another James; and his great-grandfather William Crie who was a burgess of Perth and a member of the grand muster of Council and Session in 1621. James had a brother Patrick Crie who was also a Provost of Perth.

A tree chart on page 3 of the article The Cree surname in Abernethy gices you an idea of the relationships between the various Cree burgesses of Perth. This is a PDF file at 

As far as I know James and Christian Meik had no children. She was his second wife and he had had four children by his first wife Elizabeth Moncreiff. Christian also remarried after James died.

There are a few articles on the Cree One-Name Study web site and in Cree News about the Crie provosts of Perth. See for example and

I hope this answers your questions and helps with your family history research.

Best Wishes,

Mike SpathakyCree One-Name Study

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